Theory about why and how Donuts have holes and how Bavarian donuts are made.

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I heard this from a friend. But I added a little detail. I won’t give credits, he won’t give a damn about this anyways.

So, how do donuts get their holes? I (we) have a theory about that. And it goes like this.
The company hire MALE donut makers. Take note of the male part, this will play an important role to you understanding this “theory”. So, as we all know, donuts are made of the same material as what bread is composed of; flour, sugar, eggs, yeast/baking powder, water, and flavoring.

So, the question is, how in the hell did donuts got their holes?

This is where the “male” part enters. They hire males for a “specific” purpose, that is, to punch holes on the donuts. If you think they’re using machinery to punch holes, then my theory will disagree with that. The “males” punch “holes” on the donuts. How? Think about it. I don’t want to use vulgar language here, since this is my first post. 😀

Donut holes: SOLVED. What’s left is the Bavarian Donuts. How did they get the white, creamy stuffing? I bet you already have an idea. It takes 30-60 punched donuts to produce a single Bavarian. And the recharging value increases as more Bavarians are produced. Therefore, I conclude that Bavarian donuts are RARE. XD

This ends my post. I hope I brought knowledge to you people.

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